Method Man adds Solo Album to Upcoming Projects

23 Feb

After a few years out of the spotlight, Method Man will be back and back in many different ways. He has a lot of work to do for 2010. First, he, Raekwon, and Ghostface Killah will be uniting for a new album, Wu Massacre. Following this, he will appear with the two rappers on their next solo rappers. Once he is done with that, it will be time to record the next Wu-Tang album.

That is enough to keep a man busy, indeed. Method Man is going a lot for the people within his crew, but he also wants to do some things for himself. He has complained about not having enough time to himself to record an album of his own. In late 2007, there were rumors of Method Man releasing an album in 2008. That album was rumored to be titled Crystal Method. The years have come and gone, but the title has remained the same.

Even though he has his hands full with Wu Massacre and the other projects, Method Man wants to get the ball rolling on his own album. The album may not be titled Crystal Method; instead, it may be called Crystal Meth. Either way, it will be a play on the infamous drug. Even though he has been years since the album was first announced, Method Man has plans of recording and completing the album before the end of this year.

One Response to “Method Man adds Solo Album to Upcoming Projects”

  1. SherieDuck Washington June 22, 2011 at 2:40 am #

    yes yes yes that all i can say.. well there is more but its so do ur thing meth. THIS IS THE ONLY METH I NEED

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