Memphis Bleek creates video for “Still Ill”

23 Feb

For over four years, Memphis Bleek has been talking about his classic album. Initially, the album was supposed to be released in 2006. But, at the time, Bleek was signed to Roc-A-Fella Records and Jay-Z was planning his comeback. To make room for Jay and his return to the game, the label decided to push Memphis Bleek back. The album would suffer the same fate in 2007 and then Bleek left the Roc in 2008.

There were many rumors and suggestions about what Memphis Bleek’s next move should be. He wanted to go somewhere and be respected. Meanwhile, his die hard fans wanted him to follow his mentor, Jay-Z, over to Roc Nation. But, most people assumed that he would be transferred from Roc-A-Fella to enter a direct deal with Def Jam. Instead, Memphis Bleek would leave the entire label group. On his own, Bleek landed a deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment.

Ever since he entered the game, Memphis Bleek ran his own label, Get Low Records. The deal that he established with Mass Appeal also included an exclusive distribution deal for his imprint label. With the new deal in place before the fall of 2009, Memphis Bleek finally began recording for the album. He now had a set release date for 2010. Unlike other promises for a release date, when 2010 approached, Memphis Bleek actually released a single.

Hitting the internet at the beginning of the month was his song, “Still Ill.” It has caught on and become a minor hit for Memphis Bleek. Throughout his career, Bleek has posted plenty of minor hits. This time around, he wants to post a major hit. While he says that his album is full of hits all over the place, Memphis Bleek would love to kick the album off with a hit. His latest single has that potential, to enhance the chances; Bleek will film a video for the song.

Memphis Bleek is prepared to begin filming a video for the single in the near future.

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