Lil Wayne finally joins Twitter

23 Feb

Last year, Twitter became an instrumental part of hip hop. The instant messaging social networking site gave birth to the T-Pain feud with Jay-Z. It also became Fabolous’ favorite place to start trouble. But, for the most part, rappers and other hip hop artists would use Twitter to get their message out to their fans. When Bow Wow signed with Young Money, he went directly to his Twitter.

There are a lot of rappers that use Twitter. Most rappers have realized that is easy to reach their fans this way. It seems like the only rapper not using Twitter was the one with the most fans. In the past, Wayne has conducted interviews with hip hop websites. But, he has never had a blog, aside from MySpace. There has never been a real way to connect with Lil Wayne. With him going of to prison in the near future, Wayne decided to join Twitter.

While Lil Wayne does have a Twitter account, it is unlikely that it will have activity. After all, he is going to be out of commission for an entire year. So, just as usual, it will have to be Birdman and the other members of his camp delivering the latest news about Wayne. It is said that Weezy will not be in prison with the other inmates, but he will not receive any other special treatment.

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