Kanye West to release Final “808s” single

23 Feb

Recently, Kanye West announced that he had begun working on his fifth studio album, Good Ass Job. That album is set to pick up where 2007’s Graduation left off. Hip Hop Vibe previously reported that the first single from this album is coming soon. Kanye does intend on debuting his new album in the near future. Despite all of that, he also plans to release “Coldest Winter” as the final single off of 2008’s 808s & Heartbreak.

The album was released towards the end of 2008. When Kanye West completed the album, he said that his next album would follow in 2009. However, his confrontation with Taylor Swift almost cost him his career. Before the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West had just begun recording his new album. But, he took a long break after the media backlash created by his mic-stealing abilities.

From September until January, Kanye West stayed out of the public eye. He did not comment on anything going on and the media left him alone. Now, he has taken the road to redemption. The hip hop community will gladly forgive Kanye West. They will also accept him because he is returning to rapping; of course he is pretty good at that. But, before Kanye makes his official return to rapping, he will finally overcome the heartbreak.

The final 808s single, “Coldest Winter,” has already been released to radio and a video will be following shortly thereafter. It is possible that the first Good Ass Job single will be packaged with “Coldest Winter.”

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