Jay-Z preps “Venus vs. Mars” video

23 Feb

Last year, Jay-Z made his strong return to the game with The Blueprint 3. The album was the highest-selling hip hop album of 2009 and it was hailed as a classic. Almost every song on the album was unlike anything that Jay-Z had ever done before. While this was true for almost every song on the album, it was not any less true for “Venus vs. Mars.” The song had a unique beat to it and his rhymes are well above average.

Fans of the album have hoped that Jay-Z would pick this song to be the next single off of the album. He almost selected this single to be the follow-up to “Death of Auto-tune,” but at the last minute, he selected “Run this Town.” There was never any doubt that “Empire State of Mind” would be released around the time of the MTV Video Music Awards. The result of his perfect timing was the biggest hit of his career.

There is potential for Jay-Z to have similar success with “Venus vs. Mars.” He does have plans to release this single, along with one more, off of the album. Filming is set to begin shortly for the video and Jay-Z promises that it is unlike anything that he has ever done before. Once the song hits radio, it is likely to either become a big hit or a big flop. If the video lives up to the sound, it will either save the single from flopping, or enhance it even more.

Jay-Z will release “Venus vs. Mars” before the summer of 2010, along with another single as the final releases from The Blueprint 3.

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