Jadakiss jumps on Fabolous’ new mixtape

23 Feb

Fabolous has had so many delays with his mixtape, There Is No Competition 2: The Funeral Service. First, the mixtape was supposed to be delivered on Christmas Eve, but DJ Drama chose to take some time off to be with his family. Fabolous then promised that the mixtape would be delivered on New Year’s Day. But, New Year’s also came and went without the release of the mixtape.

For almost a month, there was no word on why Fabolous had pushed the mixtape back, but he returned two weeks ago to discuss the project. When he spoke on it, during the week of February 14, he said that it would be here before what is now last Friday. Now, that release date has also passed by without a mixtape release from Fabolous. The last time he spoke on the mixtape, he said that there would be no more delays on it.

Just like the last two times that he pushed the mixtape back; Fabolous said that he has a good excuse for doing so. Also, just like the last two times that he pushed the mixtape back; Fabolous does have a good excuse for doing so. Many people already know that he and Jadakiss are good friends. Before Fabolous made it big, he and Jadakiss knew each other. Until he ended up establishing himself, Jadakiss looked out for Fabolous.

Now that Fabolous has a better position than Jadakiss in the game, he tries to look out for him. A few days ago, Fab was playing the mixtape back for Jadakiss. For the most part, Jada enjoyed what he was hearing. But, there was one song in particular that Jadakiss loved. He loved it so much that he decided to record a verse for it, himself.

Fabolous pushed the mixtape back so that he could feature a collaboration with Jadakiss. Now, there is not a set release date for the mixtape, but Fabolous hopes to get it out there before the summer hits.

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