Drake studies Nas for Debut Album

23 Feb

People who often speak of the best rappers in the game speak of Jay-Z and Nas. Both rappers are known for their strong lyrical capabilities. But, at the same time, they appeal to the mainstream audience by telling their tales from the hood. Every new artist in the rap game is measured up to these rappers. On top of their lyrical ability, both rappers are known for their classic debut albums. Many times, Drake has stated that he looks up to both rappers.

Drake has been criticized for not being from the hood, or America for that fact, as long as he has been in the game. The only person that respected him as a rapper was Lil Wayne and no one understood why. However, Drake proved himself with his So Far Gone mixtape. The entire hip hop community went from clowning him because of his “Degrassi” past to praising him for his hunger on “Successful.” There are even some fans who believe that Drake could take over.

With Lil Wayne out of commission for most of 2010, Drake will have to be the spokesman for the Young Money crew this year. His debut album is supposed to be released this summer. If it is anything like his last mixtape, the fans are in store for something great. Apparently Drake is feeling the pressure behind his debut album. Many people thought that his last mixtape was his debut album, but it was just an extremely great mixtape.

In order to keep his place in the rap game, Drake has decided to take notes before he releases his debut album. More than any other rapper, he has been studying the music of Nas before he goes in and records. Drake is hoping that some of Nas’ creativity will rub off on him. Thank Me Later is currently slated for a June 2010 release.

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