Dr. Dre wants Game to find truce with Knoc-Turn’ Al

23 Feb

It has become quite clear that Dr. Dre does not like friction. He especially does not like it coming from his own camp. In the past, Dre has proved that he can fire some shots, but he would rather talk things out. When Game and 50 Cent began their feud, five years ago, Dr. Dre did his best to end it behind closed doors. Some things just cannot be resolved behind closed doors, so Dre turned a blind eye to the situation.

While he does not receive the proper credit for it, Dr. Dre has attempted to put the Los Angeles hip hop scene back on top. After he established Aftermath Entertainment, he began working with local Los Angeles rapper, Xzibit. At the time, X had a deal with Sony, but Dr. Dre produced an album for him. If the album had turned out the way that Dr. Dre had hoped, he would have gotten X out of his deal with Sony and onto his label.

After the experiment with Xzibit went sour, Dr. Dre was introduced to Knoc-Turn’ Al by his good friend, Snoop Dogg. Knoc was from Long Beach and he wanted to sign to Snoop’s label, but Snoop did not have a solid deal at the time. Because of this, he passed him on to Dr. Dre, who loved the way that he sounded. In many ways, he reminded Dre of Snoop Dogg. In 2002, they began working together, but Knoc-Turn’ Al did not catch on either.

During the same time that he was working with Knoc-Turn’ Al, Dr. Dre had signed Compton native, Game to Aftermath. Once cut his ties with Knoc, Dr. Dre was preparing to focus all of his attention towards Game. But, Eminem presented him with 50 Cent before they had a chance to begin working together. 50 Cent was hot, so they used his flames to build Game’s career, which led to a feud between the two rappers.

Their feud led to Game leaving the label, but he returned a few months ago. With his album right around the corner, Game did his usual diss routine aimed at 50 Cent. However, this time, there was someone to defend 50. This came in the form of Knoc-Turn’ Al, who said that Game owes his success to the G-Unit general. Game denied this and said that Knoc was upset because he refused to record with him.

Since that time, the two rappers have been going back and forth with each other with no end in sight. Dr. Dre still remains friends with Knoc, even though they no longer work together. He is also very close to Game and he has pleaded with both rappers to end their feud. But, both rappers have a lot of pride, so Dr. Dre’s wishes may go unanswered.

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