Dr. Dre may sign Ashanti to Aftermath

23 Feb

For some time, Irv Gotti and Ja Rule have declared peace with Aftermath. Dr. Dre has always been a non-confrontational person, but he was pushed too far by Ja Rule. But, Ja was feeling the pressure from hip hop fans all over to respond to the disses from 50 Cent. Looking back on things, he realizes that he handled them in the wrong manner. Because of this, not only did his career suffer, but also the career of Ashanti.

Behind the scenes, Ashanti began feuding with Irv Gotti, but their issues are only minor. For the past few months, Ja Rule has been working to help them end their feud. Recently, Ja Rule has been ending quite a few feuds. Last fall, Ja Rule did the unthinkable and he ended his longstanding feuds with Eminem and DMX. Even before he had made peace with Eminem, a truce had been offered.

Late in 2006, Ja Rule and Irv Gotti had made peace with Game, and the following year, they officially ended their feud with Dr. Dre. Despite Ashanti being upset with Irv Gotti, she gained a connection with Dre through his relationship with both Irv Gotti and Ja Rule. When she was working on her last album, The Declaration, Gotti said that Dr. Dre would be producing for the album. While he was listed, the collaboration never came to be.

Speculation would point to 50 Cent forcing Dr. Dre off of the project. Now, with 50 Cent off of the Aftermath Entertainment label, Dre was re-signed Game. For the past five years, Game has been one of 50 Cent’s biggest rivals. On top of that, Dr. Dre has been working with Ja Rule on his new album and he has been working with Crooked I, a Murder Inc. artist. Ever since he lost his female R&B act, Truth Hurts, Dr. Dre has wanted a replacement.

Ashanti right now is hotter than Truth Hurts ever was and she is trying to get off of Murder Inc., but she owes the label one more album. Dr. Dre is no stranger to joint venture deals, so it is possible that Ashanti ends up signing a joint venture between Aftermath and Murder Inc.

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