Lil Wayne will Never Feud with 50 Cent

22 Feb

Before he had made his climb to become one of the most popular rappers in the game, Lil Wayne was raw. He said what he wanted to say and he did what he wanted to do. The bottom line was that Lil Wayne was a gangster. But, over time, he began to shed that image. His last album to promote him being a true “gangsta” was his Tha Carter II. After a three year hiatus, he all but abandoned that persona.

50 Cent has always held a “gangsta” persona. No matter how much money he makes or how long he continues to make music, his songs always deal with handling his business. Before Lil Wayne’s run at the top, the game belonged to 50 Cent. There have been times in the past when it appeared that 50 Cent would end up feuding with Lil Wayne. Five years ago, Wayne released a mixtape record that dissed 50 Cent and Nas, but he later apologized for it.

Former G-Unit member, Young Buck feuded with Lil Wayne from 2001 until late 2007. Buck’s feud with Wayne stemmed from his past affiliation with Cash Money Records. In actuality, Young Buck was a member of Juvenile and his UTP crew. When they had a falling out with Cash Money, Young Buck took on their beef. He refused to let it go, even when it appeared that the issues between the core members had been revolved. In 2006, when the infamous “kiss photo” leaked to the internet, Buck was one of the most vocal critics.

50 Cent jumped into the feud to support Young Buck and took Wayne on directly when he collaborated with Ja Rule. At the time, it appeared as if a response from Lil Wayne was in the works. He may have been working on one, but it never came to be. As a result, 50 Cent decided to play nice with Wayne, but he still became one of his biggest critics. Every move that was made by Lil Wayne in 2008 was criticized by 50 Cent. Right before Thanksgiving, a song leaked called “Louisianimal.”

The song dissed 50 Cent and his Vitaman Water brand. It turned out that the song was recorded in 2007. Lil Wayne had indeed created a response record, but he decided not to release it. With the New Year approaching, 50 Cent spoke of a record that would end Wayne’s career. This record never came because Rick Ross would soon occupy 50’s mind. When Ross gives him a break, from time to time, 50 Cent tries to re-ignite his feud with Lil Wayne.

Each time he tries to do so, 50 Cent is ignored by Lil Wayne. Expect this to continue because Wayne has become a non-confrontational rapper. He does not beef with other rappers. As bad as 50 Cent wants a challenge, he will have to go elsewhere to find one.

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