Beanie Sigel claims to have saved Kanye West from Robbery

21 Feb

It has become no secret that Beanie Sigel is upset. This was apparent even before the release of The Blueprint 3. At the time, he was upset with Def Jam because of the way they treated him. He was speaking highly of Jay-Z at the time, but he soon went at his former boss and in a tough manner. His issues with Jay-Z became so public that he brought 50 Cent into the frey.

While Beanie Sigel’s primary target was Jay-Z, he also sent shots to Memphis Bleek. With Bleek, he is not getting the proper responses, so he is moving down the list. Now, Beans has decided to go at anyone that was on the Roc, with the exception of his crew, and at anyone that was associated with the Roc.

For no apparent reason, he dissed T.I. last week and it appears that he may end up feuding with Kanye West, next. He has made some comments that are not dissing Kanye West, but the comment is filled with strong allegations. In what was supposed to have happened during happier times at the Roc, Beans claimed to have saved Kanye West from being robbed.

According to Beanie Sigel, the crew was on tour and some men approached, then-newcomer, Kanye West. They had planned on robbing West, but Beans showed up and changed their plans. Even though Kanye West is a non-confrontational rapper, he would not like information like this being released to the public. Especially when he has built a minor tough-guy image with the beatings that he puts on papparazi.

The factuality to these rumors is unknown at the moment. Things happen on tour and rappers do end up getting robbed or they fight. But, right now, Beanie Sigel is upset and would probably say anything just to create some friction.

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