Rick Ross holds Blood Drive for Haiti

18 Feb

Just for a little while, Rick Ross has stepped out of his role as a rapper and into his role as a philanthropist. Being a native of Miami, he is very close to many Haitian-Americans. The recent tragedy that affected Haiti had a major impact on Florida. Many Haitians that reside in Florida were out of contact with their family members that were still in Haiti. There was a lot of support from people outside of Haiti to reunite families.

Again, because of Rick Ross’ home of Miami, he was affected by the earthquake, too. He, like many other celebrities have come together to provide relief to the citizens of the tiny island nation. There have been many types of fundraisers put together by celebrities to help the people of Haiti out. While such people as Jay-Z and other members of the hip hop community holding various types of fundraisers, none of them have had the idea of Rick Ross.

Rick Ross has decided to hold a blood drive for the people of Haiti. This drive is for the victims who were injured by the earthquake. Some people are in the hospital and they are in need of blood. Rick Ross has decided to hold a drive for people to donate blood to these victims. Among the people donating blood will be Rick Ross, himself.

One Response to “Rick Ross holds Blood Drive for Haiti”

  1. Hollis333 February 20, 2010 at 6:00 am #

    LOL – Rick gonna donate some blood? Don’t you have to be drug free to give blood?

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