Ja Rule wants to Tour with Game

18 Feb

In 2005, one of Ja Rule’s biggest foes was Game. At the time, Game was a member of G-Unit and their primary target was Ja Rule and Murder Inc. While Ja never did have any specific lines for Game, there were plenty of disses from Game aimed at the Rule. Ja Rule never mentioned Game by name, but that did not mean that he did not know who he was. A chance meeting in 2006, after the fallout with 50 Cent led to the two rappers becoming close friends.

The time of their reconciliation coincided with the success of Game’s “One Blood.” For his star-studded remix, Ja Rule was one of the many artists invited to participate. Everyone was gearing up for a major Ja Rule comeback, at the time. While he did not deliver an album in 2006, he began working on one before the end of the year. Soon, he revealed that he had collaborated with the former G-Unit star. Their song, “Sunset,” was one of the most-favored songs by either artist.

Despite the critical acclaim and the newfound friendship, Ja Rule’s album went unreleased. But, a partnership had been created. The friendship between Rule and Game trickled over to Irv Gotti, who was developing a new artist. Since Gotti has been out of the public eye for some time, he was invited by Game to produce a song for his L.A.X. album. Irv agreed to and Game also allowed him to feature Newz, a new Murder Inc. artist, on the track.

In the time since their partnership, Game and Ja Rule have united to aid Rick Ross in his high-profile feud with 50 Cent. Despite Game’s open alliance with Ja Rule, he returned to Aftermath and Dr. Dre. Many were expecting Game and 50 Cent to reunite. Instead, Game continued to diss his former boss and he united with Dre to produce for Ashanti’s new album. That same album will also have input from Ja Rule, who Game has invited to work with Dr. Dre.

Now that everything is all honky dory between the Aftermath and Murder Inc. crews, Ja Rule has invited Game to tour with him this summer. He hopes to get Newz and Ashanti involved with the tour, also. Rule reached out to Game yesterday, but no one from Game’s camp has responded to the invitation.

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