Styles P gives his Opinion on Rappers going to Jail

17 Feb

Until the recent outbreak of rappers breaking the law and paying for it, the most notable rapper to do major prison time was Shyne. But, just as he was finally freed from the reigns of the law, many other rappers decided to replace him in prison. Just last year, alone T.I., Lil Wayne, and the ever-popular Gucci Mane, were either in prison or headed to prison.

While Shyne will forever be known as the rapper who spent the most time in prison, he was not the only rapper to pull time. Styles P of The L.O.X. served eight months in the New York prison system in 2002. He was charged for stabbing a man in his posterior. Instead of going down a road of committing future crimes, Styles decided to think about what he did and improve.

Recently, Styles P gave his opinion to Hip Hop Wired about rappers going to prison. In his sit down with the website, he said that rappers really have to watch what they do, nowadays. He said that as adults, rappers should take responsibility for their actions, but to also realize that the judicial system is not always fair. While he did take on the government, Styles did attempt to back-track.

But, the bottom line is, these rappers need to learn to grow up. Now that they have money, they are looked at as ignorant millionaires. That makes them much larger targets to the mainstream media and to law enforcement. The fact that these rappers are young, rich, and black leads to them being arrested, it does nothing to get them out of trouble.

One Response to “Styles P gives his Opinion on Rappers going to Jail”

  1. empressevelyn June 1, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    You make a fair point to balance out the counter point that there is bias in the legal system against those that are young and successful yet not ‘white’. Ironic though that a lot of rappers who have been in jail have written some killer lyrics while locked up that have become great tracks.

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