Shyne returns to Def Jam with Million Dollar deal

17 Feb

For a little while, it appeared that Shyne could not catch a break. After eight years of being in prison, he was finally released. Not long after he was released from prison, he was given only a few days to leave the country. It turned out that he was not a legal citizen of the United States, so he was deported.

Things seemed to be on the upswing for Shyne for just a little while. After returning to Belize, he received a visit from Busta Rhymes and Game spoke on his behalf. DJ Khaled had even invited him to appear on his upcoming album, Victory. The small winning streak from Shyne would be halted from there. Those turns of events ended up being the last good news for Shyne for a little while.

Because he had been banned from the United States, Shyne decided to record his music in London, but he was not allowed to enter the city. Shyne was not given much time to lick his wounds after DJ Khaled’s track list appeared and his name was removed from it. On top of everything else, Shyne had been cut from Victory. Now, it appears that things are looking good for Shyne, once again.

There have been plenty of rumors about Shyne’s label status for some time. He released his last album with Def Jam, but he formed a strong relationship with Murder Inc. during that time period. When it was revealed that he had only a one-album deal with Def Jam, many assumed that he would sign with them. But, Shyne decided to take some time off and when he returned, it was revealed that he had a close relationship to Game and Black Wall Street.

Last summer, there were rumors of Shyne signing to Roc Nation, those rumors proved to be false after Jay-Z came out and denied them. Now, it has been revealed that Shyne has landed a $1 million deal with Def Jam. Unlike his last deal, this one is long-term. Recently, Def Jam has been struggling and they feel that they could rebuild with an artist like Shyne on their team. As it stands, Shyne is working on an album, but it has no release date set or a title.

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