On the Rise: Curt@!n$

17 Feb

The state of New York hip hop has been in question for some time now. There have been many false alarms and veterans unwilling to step aside. Hopes for the future are evident and some have pinned those hopes on Maino. Others have tried to place hype around such artists as Saigon or Mims, but as it stands, none of these artists are doing enough. Curt@!n$ hopes to change this.

Curt@!n$ represents the new generation of New York hip hop. He does not want to have buzz, as in top downloads on iTunes. In his mind, the music will speak for itself and true hip hop heads will follow him. He is a native of New York, but he is not claiming to be the savior as so many others have. Meanwhile, the hip hop media has not pinned all of their hopes on him, either.

Like many other rappers, Curt@!n$ is just a man with a story to tell. The reason that he does not want to build hype is because the biggest hype is built through the internet. Numbers on the internet can be manipulated and Curt@!n$ wants the type of hype that the people can feel. His unorthodox take to the hip hop game may end up being just what the doctor ordered. Curt@!n$ currently has no label deal and no album on the way.

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