Mims may sign with Ruff Ryders

17 Feb

When he first made his debut with “This Is Why I’m Hot,” Mims often boasted about his deal with Capitol Records. Every time he spoke of his deal with the label, he also talked about his strong relationship with the executives. Because he came and delivered them a hit, the label was all for him. But, they mishandled his next project, 2009’s Guilt. After his album flopped, there were rumors of Mims being upset with Capitol Records.

Even as early as June 2009, there were rumors of Mims demanding a buyout from Capitol so that he could move on to another label. Late in the summer of 2009, Mims announced that he was working on his third album. He had even said that the title would be I Am The Best. Apparently, he worked things out with Capitol Records, for the time being, because he said that he had his people behind him, once again. The album was supposed to be delivered late last year.

Obviously, the album never came to be. Mims has often complained about a lack of promotion from Capitol Records. He said that if he had been signed to another label that they would probably do more to promote him. At one point, Mims said that he would sign with an independent label once he was done at Capitol. Recently, Ruff Ryders began distributing independent artists.

They offer package deals for artists and their labels.’ The first artist to work with Ruff Ryders’ independent branch was Drag-On. He had been signed to the regular label for his entire career. If he ends up doing well and his label also has success, Mims may become the next artist to try out a deal with Ruff Ryders.

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