Lil Wayne will record from Behind Bars

17 Feb

The 2007 gun charge that Lil Wayne picked up in New York City has finally caught up to him. He went to court in New York and they sentenced him to one year in prison in the New York Prison System. With that announcement and now Wayne reporting to prison, many felt that he would lose a year, much like T.I. Before T.I. had gone to prison, he was the hottest rapper in the game; the same could be said for Lil Wayne.

Unlike other rappers who lost a year to prison, Lil Wayne plans to keep the music with him. He will have plenty of beats with him while he serves his stint. Also, Wayne will not even be around the other inmates. Because of his celebrity status, the State of New York has decided to be nice and leave him to be to himself. In the past, rappers have been placed in cells with the other violators of the law. Being by himself will give Wayne the space he needs to write new rhymes.

Not only will he be provided with beats to listen to and time to write, but Lil Wayne will also be able to record new tracks directly from his iPod. Before he went into prison, Wayne completed his often-discussed Carter IV LP. Much like Tupac Shakur before his death, Lil Wayne was very forward-thinking, so he has already picked the singles from the album and completed the videos for them. That way, when he returns, he will be able to deliver his ninth album immediately.

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