Game wants Fans to choose Next Single

17 Feb

With the release of his new album right around the corner, Game is trying to be interactive. Last fall, he released two singles from the album. At the time, he was under the assumption that The R.E.D. Album would be released in December. But, Dr. Dre reunited with Game and they began working again.

Because of his busy schedule, Dre had to back out of the project. For the remainder of the album, Pharrell handled things. As a result, both Pharrell and Dr. Dre will be credited as executive producers on The R.E.D. Album. All of the original version of the album was scrapped, meaning that the first two singles, “Krazy” featuring Gucci Mane and “L.A. Girl” featuring Chris Brown, may not even end up being on the album.

For his next single, Game wants the fans to help him out. He has recorded half of his album with Dr. Dre and the other half of his album with Pharrell. With production like that, Game knows that his album will be great. It will not matter what song is released from the album because it is likely to become a hit, regardless. With this in mind, Game wants fans to choose between a song produced by Dr. Dre or a song produced by Pharrell.

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