Game set to battle Knoc-Turn’ Al for “King of L.A.”

17 Feb

With Snoop Dogg declaring himself an executive in this hip hop game, he has put all beef aside as he has proven himself. Soon, artists like Snoop will only be seen on cameo features and the baton will be passed to someone else. The state of West Coast hip hop is pitiful outside of a select few. Game is the only younger artist from the West that is even doing anything to keep the city of Los Angeles relevant.

Game entered the game on the coattails of Dr. Dre. There were plans for him to become the face of Aftermath after the release of Detox. Plans to make Game into the new fixture of the West Coast hip hop scene were put on hold with the emergence of 50 Cent. But, once 50 was established, Dre used that popularity to put Game out for the public to hear. In the time since he first debuted, Game has become the undisputed king of Los Angeles.

The success that Game is currently enjoying was meant for Knoc-Turn’ Al. Early in the 2000s, Dr. Dre would randomly pick an artist from the Los Angeles area to work with. His plan was to produce their first album. If they end up becoming successful, he would sign them to his label. The first artist tested with this was Xzibit. While he did have his moments, he just did not last and Dr. Dre moved on to Knoc-Turn’ Al.

Early in 2002, Dr. Dre produced the hit single, “The Knoc,” which featured a chorus from Missy Elliott. While the song was a hit, Knoc’s label at the time, Elektra was not willing to put out an album by an artist that was not established. All of the steam that Knoc had surrounding him was lost and Dr. Dre moved on. Snoop Dogg did take Knoc under his wing for a little while, but they just did not work well together.

Because of this, Knoc-Turn’ Al returned to the independent circuit, while Game enjoyed the success that was meant for him. Now, Game is preparing for his fourth studio album. Not only is he one of the biggest artists in the game, but he is also engaged in a high-profile feud with 50 Cent. Part of Game’s tremendous success is because people are interested in hearing what he has to say about 50. For a short period of time, Knoc worked with both Game and 50.

With Game sending more and more disses at 50 Cent, Knoc-Turn’ Al came to his defense. He said that 50 Cent taught Game how to write hooks. Knoc would go on to say that Game owes his success to 50. That statement was something that 50 Cent loved, but it made Game’s stomach turn. Due to his pride, Game sent a Twitter diss to Knoc that challenged him. Knoc also has a lot of pride and he accepted.

Game has feuded with other rappers before, but this time he is feuding with another rapper that lives in the same city as he does. This makes things personal, as they have the same friends and they have worked with the same artist. While Game has proven himself as a strong battle rapper, this type of battle will be different from any G-Unit feud because it is essentially the battle for the city of Los Angeles.

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