DMX confirms Ja Rule collaboration

17 Feb

People often compared Ja Rule to DMX when he first entered the game. They were a part of the same crew and they both had deep voices. DMX came out in 1998 and Ja Rule followed in 1999, many people felt that Ja was copying X. This is something that Rule has adamantly denied, but something that DMX agrees with. He agreed to such an extent that he feuding with his former friend for nine years because of it.

The 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors decided to honor Def Jam Recordings. Despite their feelings for each other, both DMX and Ja Rule had the best time of their respective careers on Def Jam. They both performed some of their hits for the crowd to enjoy. One tradition of the Hip Hop Honors is that they have all of the performers come back on stage to perform one big song at the end. But, that year featured Ja Rule, Rick Ross, Eminem, and DMX.

Days before the award show took place; Ja Rule sarcastically talked about being in the same building with DMX and Eminem. For a short period of time, Ja also had a minor feud with Eminem, but they had ended it a long time before. However, DMX had dissed Ja Rule only months before they met for the show. Surprisingly, the two rappers embraced each other and they ended their feud.

After it was clear that their feud was over, Ja Rule spoke about the two possibly collaborating again. They would reunite on a track created by N.O.R.E., but the fans are hoping that they appear on each other’s albums. Ja Rule has plans of releasing two albums this year and he has said that DMX is welcome to appear on either one of them. There were rumors of DMX working with Ja Rule on his upcoming self-titled album.

With the release date of that album nearing, DMX has confirmed that Ja Rule will be featured on his next album.

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