Beanie Sigel disses T.I. for Prison Time

17 Feb

For the past four months, Beanie Sigel has been feuding with Jay-Z. His feud with his former boss stems from his mishandling of Roc-A-Fella artists. The things that he has said about Jay-Z have been well-documented. It has become so common to hear Beanie Sigel disrespecting the man who established him that it is now ignored. Possibly sensing that no one cares how he feels about Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel has set his sights on T.I.

Beanie Sigel’s feud with T.I. has nothing to do with his association with Jay-Z. Instead, he is upset because T.I. was sentenced to serve one year in prison. The sentencing followed he and members of the Grand Hustle camp having guns and drugs. Many felt that T.I. was let off easy because of his celebrity status. On top of the light one year sentence, he was released after eight months because of good behavior.

Prior to T.I.’s brush with the law, Beanie Sigel was arrested for attempted murder. Unlike T.I., he was sentenced to 35 years in prison. For some reason, Beans feels that it is unfair that T.I. got off lighter than him for guns and drugs when all that he did was attempt to take a human life. He did actually fire a gun at someone while T.I. had guns. Maybe he does not realize that, but he feels that because T.I. is a big-name rapper, while he is stuck on the D-list, that Georgia had treated T.I. better than New York treated him.

More likely than anything else, Beanie Sigel has taken on T.I. to get his name back into the public eye after 50 Cent left him hanging.

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