Lloyd Banks has a Major Surprise

15 Feb

With the current state of G-Unit, both the crew and the record label, it is clear that they need some fresh blood. As consistent as 50 Cent has been, he has been the sole leader for so long. 50 led the crew and they all had hits, but since the release of his second album, G-Unit has been a one man show. Also, the most popular artists on the crew were all revealed to hate their boss, deep down.

When Young Buck left the crew, he and Game predicted that Lloyd Banks would be the next one to leave. Soon, he showed his true loyalty to 50 Cent, but he left Interscope Records. Since returning to the independent scene, Lloyd Banks has been releasing a series of mixtapes. Right now, there is no one doubting Banks’ lyrical ability.

Ever since 2007, there has been talk of a new album from Lloyd Banks. But, the executives at Interscope Records never gave him a release date. He waited on Interscope for almost two years before leaving the label. When he left, he gave up the right to release an album. If he wanted to record and release a new album, Banks would either have to go to 50 Cent, or do it out of his own pocket.

Last fall, 50 Cent revealed that he would handle the next album releases from both Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. When that announcement was made both rappers began recording their new albums. The current state of G-Unit has led Lloyd Banks to step his game up. He said that the crew needs a leader and he will become that leader. For the past three months, he has been recording his untitled third album.

For this new album, Lloyd Banks wants to work with artists that he has never worked with before. When speaking on this new music, Banks said that he is working with someone who people would not believe. He did not say who, but he said that this collaboration is quite unexpected. There is no set release date for Lloyd Banks’ third studio album.

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