Kanye West returns with “Good ass Job”

15 Feb

When he first entered the game, Kanye West released his album as a part of a series. His theme was college. The rapper’s debut album was College Dropout, he followed that album up with Late Registration, his return to college, and his third album was Graduation. He said what was to come next after graduation was a good ass job.

Many people assumed that his 2008 album would be Good ass Job. But, the time after he released his third album was not the best period of his life. West dealt with the unexpected death of his mother. Not only did he lose his mother, but he also lost his longtime girlfriend during this period. This, along with other stresses led to a drastic change in his music.

Ever since he first entered the game, it was known that Kanye West was also a decent singer. By 2008, auto-tune had taken over the game. West’s singing ability and his interest in auto-tune led to the most-unexpected album in hip hop history. Kanye West decided to take a break from the college-themed albums to create an R&B album. Kanye may have been a decent singer, but he was not good enough to carry an album without some assistance.

Kanye West’s fourth studio album, 808s & Heartbreak was recorded by West with the assistance of the auto-tune. Initially, Kanye was panned for creating this type of music. After the release of “Heartless,” this panning turned to praise. In a matter of one year, West went from being the top rapper in the game to the top R&B artist in the game. He had planned to return in 2009 with a rap album, but his Taylor Swift controversy derailed those plans.

At the time, West had been recording a new album and the first single was supposed to be released sometime in September. His next album was supposed to follow before the end of December. But, with a public stoning of the rapper, he decided to take a break. Before the end of 2009, he returned, but he still maintained a low profile.

Now, Kanye West’s outburst has been long forgotten and he has announced his fifth studio album, Good ass Job. This album is currently slated to be released during the summer of 2010. However, there is no set release date for the album.

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