Jay-Z feared “tarnishing” “We Are The World”

15 Feb

The tragedy in Haiti revealed that there is a reason to believe in humanity, after all. Most of Hollywood and America came together to help out the struggling nation. Wyclef, a native of Haiti, was key in recruiting a lot of hip hop artists in helping out. He was also instrumental in creating a remake of the 1985 hit, “We are the World.” The song was created by legendary R&B acts, Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.

Among the artists featured on the remake were Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Snoop Dogg, among others. One artist notably missing was Jay-Z. He works with these artists quite frequently and he has also helped aiding Haiti. But, for unknown reasons, he did not appear on “We are the World.”

Jay-Z explained why he did not take part in the remake. He said that, in his book, “We are the World” is just like Thriller. Jay feels that Thriller should never be remade. He also feels that “We are the World” should never be remade to preserve its legacy. While he knows that it is all for a good cause, because this remake is not original, the artists involved are tarnishing the song, in a way.

While Jay-Z does love helping out the world, he also loves music. Despite the remake of “We are the World” being for a good cause, Jay-Z could not take part in tarnishing the 1985 hit. Jay described the original song as “untouchable” and for him, it will always be untouchable.

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