Fabolous will finally release DJ Drama mixtape This Week

15 Feb

Initially, Fabolous promised that he would deliver his mixtape, There Is No Competition, Pt. 2, on Christmas Day. Just as he had done with the original tape, he decided to have it hosted by DJ Drama. But, DJ Drama had to spend the Christmas season with his family, so the project was pushed back. Fabolous then promised to release the mixtape on New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Day came and went without a release from Fabolous. He has offered many excuses about the constant delays of his mixtapes. Fab went from having a solid release date to saying that the project was “coming soon.” Now, over a month after the last solid release date, Fabolous promises that the project is on the way.

Fabolous is still doing business with DJ Drama and the mixtape is still on the way. The only thing in between the release of this mixtape is one song. Once this song is completed, Fabolous will be ready to release his latest mixtape. This is all expected to wrap up before the end of this week. Fabolous does indeed plan on releasing his mixtape before the end of this week.

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