Knoc-Turn’ Al continues feud with Game

14 Feb

Ever since Knoc-Turn’ Al said that Game owes his success to 50 Cent, it has been on. Immediately after he made those statements, Game issued a challenge to his fellow West Coast rapper. For nearly a month, the two rappers have been going back and forth.

Most recently, Knoc-Turn’ Al has addressed the taunts from Game with him labeling Knoc as a faggot. There is no better way for a rapper to disrespect their enemy than for them to call their rival a faggot. Game has definitely got the attention of Knoc-Turn’ Al. He has decided to officially go in on Game.

Before he went on the radio and dissed Game earlier today, Knoc-Turn’ Al said that his wife told him not to do this. But, he said that he had to “stick to his nuts” on this one. He said that when he listens to his nuts, they tell him that his father was a militant. On the other hand, Knoc said that Game’s father was a beautician. Knoc went on to say that Game really needs to shut his mouth before they really get into something.

Knoc-Turn’ Al did not save all of his aggression for Game’s father, he was not afraid to address Game directly. Taking a page out of 50 Cent’s book, Knoc went in on Game and his stripper past. He questioned Game calling him a faggot when Game used to strip for a living. Knoc went on to say that he had a problem feuding with someone who would like it if he grabbed his ass.

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