Dr. Dre takes on Death Row Records

13 Feb

The seemingly never-ending feud between the legendary Dr. Dre and Death Row Records lives on. Ever since Dr. Dre’s 1996 departure from the label, there have been a number of disputes. A lot of his hatred towards Death Row was because of the founder, Suge Knight. Dr. Dre had a long back-and-forth with Knight that still continues.

In the past, Dr. Dre has sued Knight and the label over royalties and album titles. It has been two years since Suge Knight has been a part of Death Row Records. The first release off of the label was Dr. Dre’s debut album, The Chronic. Hailed as a classic, it sold very well.

The Chronic came out some eighteen years ago and it made someone a lot of money. Apparently, that someone was not Dr. Dre. After Dre departed from the label, he was no longer cut in on profits from The Chronic. At the time, he had royalties on the original album and any other album with “Chronic” in the title of it. But, once he left, he was cut out of the profits. Even though he does not make money off of the profits, any albums that use his recording and the name “Chronic” cannot be made without his consent.

Ever since 2008, Death Row Records has been owned by WIDEawake Entertainment and they have seemingly forgot about the deal that the original owners of the label had in place with Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre hopes that this new lawsuit will be a good enough reminder,

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