Busta Rhymes sets sights on Summer Release

13 Feb

Busta Rhymes has been hard at work on his latest release. He felt that he missed a lot of time after the release of The Big Bang. When he finally secured a release date for his follow-up, Back on my BS, the album suffered because of the packaged music. He had recorded for over three years and he switched labels.

Now, with Universal Motown behind him, Busta Rhymes is confident in his comeback. He had plans of releasing this album before the end of last year. However, he decided that it would be best to wait for the arrival of 2010 to release what he said would be his final album. While Busta had said that this album would be his last, the heat he has provided in the booth has led him to reconsider.

Not only is Busta Rhymes thinking twice about retiring, but Universal Motown did not sign him just for him to retire. With a supportive label and high creative energy, Busta feels that he has a good three albums left after the release of this one. He is said to be in the studio as much as he can possibly be and he wants the album in stores this summer.

After all of the delays of his last album, Busta Rhymes will try his hardest to have The Chemo released on July 4, 2010 on Flipmode Records with distribution from Universal Motown.

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