Will “Rebirth” be a flop?

9 Feb

Lil Wayne is one of the most popular rappers in the game, but this was not always the case. Before Lil Wayne went on his hot streak, 50 Cent was on top of the game. Now, 50 Cent struggles to sell 500,000 copies on his latest album. Despite Lil Wayne being on top of the game, since the release of Tha Carter III, he has struggled to duplicate those numbers. He has released two albums since that time and each one has struggled.

The follow-up to Wayne’s triple platinum release was last year’s We Are Young Money. Due to the fact that he was working with new artists on the album, there was not much interest in it. But, still it was the follow-up to Tha Carter III. Two months since the album’s release and it has yet to even cross the 300,000 mark. His previous release sold 1 million album copies right off of the bat. Understandably, this is not the album he wanted to release, but it was his album.

Rebirth was the album that Lil Wayne wanted to release after Tha Carter III. Instead, it comes after an album that he created to promote his crew. When he first announced the album one year and a half ago, Lil Wayne knew that he was taking a risk. For the album, Wayne was moving away from his traditional rap music into creating rock music.

After many push-backs, Lil Wayne decided to create an experimental album that would feature elements of every musical genre. Because most of Lil Wayne’s fans are hardcore hip hop fans, there was a chance that he would turn a lot of listeners off. This was a risk that Wayne was willing to take and a risk that Universal Motown has done their best to avoid. But, the inevitable can only be delayed never avoided.

Since Rebirth is following-up a weak album, the music of the album will have to speak for itself. There are not too many fans that will purchase this album because of We Are Young Money. The first week sales of the album are modest, at best, at 150,000 copies. Lil Wayne has already followed up his masterpiece with a flop. Will his second album since Tha Carter III be another flop under Lil Wayne’s belt?

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