Game talks more trash to Tila Tequila

9 Feb

Two weeks ago, Game made headlines all over the place. There was a story on that told of him dating Ashanti. The following day, Knoc-Turn’ Al said that 50 Cent deserves credit for all of his success. To top it all off, MTV star, Tila Tequila, revealed that she was pregnant and Game was the father. One-by-one, Game responded to all of these rumors and Tila Tequila accused Game of punking out.

Ever since the Tila Tequila response, Game has zoned back out. Right now, he has a full plate as he is completing his album. Not only is he working on his album, but he is also sharing studio time with Dr. Dre, Ashanti, and Ja Rule. It is stressful enough being put in a position to create music with three different people. Aside from his work with other artists, he also challenged his former associate, Knoc-Turn’ Al to a feud after his statements.

With everything going on, Game probably forgot about the allegations from Tila Tequila. At first, he said that he did not know her, period. She denied that and there is proof that he knew the reality star. The depth of their relationship is unknown, but he had met her before. Tila is claiming that he knew her well enough to knock her up. In response to her statements, Game said that she knows good and well who the father is.

Game said that Tila Tequila knows that he is not the father of his child and she is only trying to pin the baby on him.

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