Game may still return to Aftermath Entertainment

9 Feb

Eight years ago, Dr. Dre began recruiting West Coast talent for his Aftermath Entertainment. His decision came after Snoop Dogg criticized him for not signing West Coast acts to his label. After experimenting with the likes of Xzibit and Knoc-Turn’ Al, Dr. Dre took a risk and signed Game. The original plan was for Game to begin recording his album, Aftermath Presents… Nigga wit an Attitude, Volume 1, which was to be released in 2003. But, the signing of 50 Cent put all of this on hold.

Once 50 Cent broke through, he brought his crew with them. Because they were featured on songs with 50 Cent, they also became popular. Soon, a label was created to house 50 Cent and his acts. Despite being on a separate label, their production needs were still handled by Dr. Dre and his Aftermath producers. The emergence of 50 Cent saw Game pushed further back until the executives at Interscope Records sat down with Dr. Dre and they decided to have Game join forces with G-Unit.

Even though Game was now a member of G-Unit, 50 Cent had loyalties to his people, so their albums came before Game’s release. It was not until 2005 that Game finally released his album. In the end, Ruthless Records filed an injunction against Aftermath Entertainment that prohibited Game from using N.W.A. as a part of his album title. Game ended up naming his album The Documentary. Despite his debut album being a critical and commercial success, Game would soon have a falling out with 50 Cent that led to him leaving both G-Unit and Aftermath.

Immediately after he left G-Unit/Aftermath, Game signed with Geffen Records. With Geffen, he would release two platinum albums. He was able to establish himself as a successful rapper in his own right, without the help of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. It soon became clear that he had a common dislike for 50 Cent. While Game may have hated 50 Cent, it was obvious that he wanted to reunite with Dr. Dre more than anything. His two post-Aftermath albums detailed this.

Because most of his rhymes included a plea to Dr. Dre for forgiveness, a lot of fans were beginning to be turned off. In 2009, he announced that his next album, The R.E.D. Album, would have no mention of Dre. Game promoted the album throughout the summer and he had set the album for a late 2009 release. When the fall season came in, Game began releasing singles from his upcoming album. In the middle of his work on the album, he received an unexpected call from Dr. Dre that asked him to come to the studio.

Even before Dr. Dre had offered to reunite with Game, the Compton rapper had already returned to Interscope Records. Right after Game and Dr. Dre reunited, he announced that he was back on the roster of Aftermath Entertainment. But, as the production work for his album kicked into high gear, Dr. Dre turned the project over to Pharrell. When he began working with Pharrell, he tattooed the logo of P’s Star Trak label to his head and announced that he was on the label. This was not confirmed or denied by Pharrell.

After missing out on five years with Game, Dr. Dre forced him to push The R.E.D. Album back so that he could work on it. Excited to be back in the Aftermath house, Game agreed to allow his album to be pushed back. For the past two months, Game has been working with both Dr. Dre and Pharrell on his new album. While he stated that he will always be Aftermath, Game frequently mentioned that he was now an artist on Star Trak Entertainment.

Recently, Game spoke on his upcoming album and he hinted at it being released on Dr. Dre’s label, Aftermath. He said that it is only right for his career to come full circle right before the release of his fourth studio album. The only thing that can be confirmed is the release date of the album, March 23, and the distributing label for the project, Interscope Records.

2 Responses to “Game may still return to Aftermath Entertainment”

  1. The Game May 30, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    how about 50cent ?
    does 50 done the conract with aftermath?
    or 50 welcome game to aftermath?

  2. ERNEST BLACKWELL March 11, 2011 at 4:47 pm #


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