Fat Joe to make Biggest Possible Move in Hip Hop

9 Feb

Fat Joe hit rock bottom following the release of his last album. The reason that Fat Joe fell off so quickly is because he is too nice, to hear him tell the story. Longtime critics of Fat Joe were already circling him for scraps. There were some ready to write him off and others that had when the first week numbers of the album were released. In response to all of this criticism, Fat Joe revealed that he was working on the best album ever.

Months after he announced that he was finally going to create a classic album. Over the course of his career, Fat Joe is known for having powerful singles. While the singles are usually powerful, his albums fail to match up. His latest album was a solid release, but he was unable to score that one hit to power him. For the past few years, Fat Joe has developed the “nice guy” persona and he has become a joke as a result of it. This is why Joey Crack devised a plan to change things up.

To kick off the 2010, the first year of the new decade, Fat Joe announced the title of his album, which was The Dark Side. He stated that this album would be his official “no more Mr. Nice Guy stance.” There has been plenty of talk about the new Fat Joe album, from Fat Joe, himself, but he had yet to release anything from the album. As soon as demand increased for his new music, Fat Joe released the first single from the album.

Currently, his lead single, “Slow Down (HaHa)” featuring Young Jeezy, is becoming a hit. A day after the release of that single, Fat Joe announced that he planned to release the next single from the album. His next single was to feature Trey Songz, but it was still a tale about the dark side. Fat Joe also said that he will be following up his Songz-assisted track with a collaboration with R. Kelly. He said that both singles will be hustler anthems.

Fat Joe is confident that this album will be one of those that end up going down in history as one of the best, transcending all musical genres. In what will be his tenth studio album, The Dark Side will be released on June 1, 2010 on Terror Squad and Capitol Records.

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