Trey Songz joins Fat Joe on “The Darkside”

6 Feb

Fat Joe has promised that he is going to reinvent himself for his upcoming album, The Darkside. Among other things, Fat Joe is looking to abandon his nice-guy image. The songs that Joe has become most-known for are his hits with male R&B singers. The most notable collaboration that he was involved in was his 2008 hit, “I Won’t Tell,” which featured J. Holiday. That single was the last hit from Fat Joe.

In the time since the release of the single, rumblings about Fat Joe have turned into outright disrespect. The tirade against Fat Joe is being led by 50 Cent. Recently, 50 declared his victory in the feud against Fat Joe. This seems to be the perfect time for Joey Crack to come back and prove that he is still here. Just yesterday, Fat Joe released the first single, “Slow Down,” which was a sharp turn from his upbeat music.

The mantra from the Terror Squad leader has been to change it up. There are plenty of ways to change things up, while keeping what works. Fat Joe’s bread and butter have been his collaborations with male R&B singers. Almost every album that he has ever released has featured at least one collaboration with a male R&B act. The theme for Fat Joe has always been to do things big. He never simply goes after an artist; he works with the top artists.

Right now, speaking of male R&B means speaking of Trey Songz, he is the most popular male act in the game. Because of this, he has caught Fat Joe’s attention. Recently, Fat Joe reached out to Trey to see if he was interested in working with him on his new album. Immediately, Songz accepted the offer. Fat Joe already has Trey Songz in the studio and he says that they are in there working on magic.

Is Fat Joe working with Trey Songz on the anthem of the year?

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