Shyne denied entrance into the United Kingdom

6 Feb

After serving eight years of prison in New York State, Shyne was finally released last October. He had hoped to leave prison and begin working on his new music. However, upon his release, it turned out that he was not a United States citizen. Shyne was given fifteen days to leave the nation. The rapper returned to his native country of Belize. Despite being removed from the U.S., most of his music is being handled by American producers.

Since he cannot get back into the United States, Shyne decided to enter the United Kingdom. A lot of American producers and artists frequently visit the U.K. Because of this, Shyne felt that he could go there and lay down more tracks for his upcoming album. A few days ago, the first song he created in almost six years was released.

To make the flight over to London, England, Shyne boarded a plane in Cancun, Mexico. Upon landing in London, he was denied entrance into the city because of some issues with his travel documents. The wait to enter America or the United Kingdom will have to last a little longer as it appears that Shyne’s next album will be handled mainly in Belize.

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