Memphis Bleek returns Harder than Ever

6 Feb

Of the many criticisms that Memphis Bleek has faced throughout his career, his lack of intensity is one of the most popular. As long as he has been in the game, it has been assumed that Jay-Z sits back and writes his rhymes for him. His close ties to Jay have hurt his career more than they have helped it. Because he was Jay-Z’s right hand man, he entered the game on top.

The past two years have been very wild. Roc-A-Fella Records went from being on top of the game to being on the brink of extinction. There is no one left on the label, so it has gone dormant. Ever since 1998, Memphis Bleek was on the label, but he was also on another label, one that he created on his own. When Jay-Z did not sign him to the Roc, back in 1997, Bleek created Get Low Records.

Then, when he was signed to Roc-A-Fella, Jay-Z convinced him to keep his imprint label. One day, both Memphis Bleek and Jay-Z knew that he was going to have to build the Get Low label, as he is currently doing. Abruptly, Jay announced that he was leaving Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam, a venture that he had created, for a new label, Roc Nation. Memphis Bleek was the first person to know, so he went ahead and made plans.

During the summer of 2009, he signed to Mass Appeal Entertainment and he began recording tracks for his fifth studio album, The Process. The album has been talked about ever since 2006 and singles have been released from the album ever since 2007. However, now that he is controlling the work behind the scenes, Memphis Bleek has an official single out from the album and he has a release date. The deal that he has is similar to the ones that Jay-Z has had.

All business aside, Memphis Bleek recently released the first single from The Process, which is called “Still Ill.” The criticisms about Bleek not being intense enough have to be ended after this song was released. He puts it down in a way that he never has before. In one song, he details his ups and downs from Marcy Projects to his position as CEO. He is able to tell his story without being boring and without losing his focus. The song is definitely a must-hear.

The Process will be released on March 23, 2010 on Get Low Records and Mass Appeal Entertainment.

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