Master P plots switch to TV

6 Feb

Over ten years ago, Master P conquered the music world. He showed the world that black people could be more to music than creators. Master P was the first hip hop executive and every rapper to follow him in the game has come with their own record label. Not only did P make sure his albums were released on time, he also made sure that he would retain most of the profits on every release from his label.

The time that Master P spent in the music industry earned him $500 million. He felt truly blessed because of the money that he made. But, the content of his music caused many people to become offended with him. Starting in 2007, P decided to change his style. He released his final album, which featured no foul language and was positive. This sudden switch led to some criticisms from other rappers, but Master P went about his business.

Now that he is done with music, P wants to live out his dreams. For the past eight years, he has had the vision of creating a television network to rival BET. Master P first changed his name from Master P to P. Miller. With a new name come a new mission and a new attitude. Because of this sudden change, Miller wanted to create a positive television network for the black community. He began making moves during the summer of 2008.

Because of the economic downturn and other nagging issues, the network’s planned 2009 launch was pushed back for a launch this year. There were some who remembered the former rapper’s announcement from two years ago. For those who did remember his plans, they began to wonder what happened. Some people figured that he had probably given up on his ideas since other networks with similar missions have launched.

P. Miller’s network, Better Black Television, will launch during the summer of 2010 and it will join a crowded field of black television networks. The main two are BET and TV One, but there is an on-demand service called Black Broadcasting Network and there is the internet service, True Black Television. Despite having these competitors, Miller said that he believes that each of these networks can coexist and still have success. His examples were the channels targeting the Latino community.

There is no set launch date for BBTV, but it will be coming before the end of 2010.

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