Ludacris rethinks Retirement Plans

6 Feb

After the release of The Red Light District, Ludacris’ interest shifted from rapping to acting. A couple of critically-acclaimed roles in some big-name films had Luda planning a career change. But, demand for more material from his fans resulted in Release Therapy. The album was a sharp turn from the music usually created by the Atlanta rapper. Instead of rapping about silly topics, he began speaking on socially-conscious issues.

The album was met with mixed reviews and Ludacris publicly stated that after that album he was going to begin to shift away from music. In 2008, he returned with his album, Theater of the Mind. Initially, the album was due for release during the summer of 2007, but he could not focus long enough to complete the album. When the album came out, it featured some of the vintage material that Luda was known for, but it was clear that he wanted out.

Following the release of his 2008 album, Ludacris announced that his next album would be his last solo album. He was going to move on to a career in Hollywood and of running his record label. Obviously, Luda was serious about moving away from the rap game because he ended up signing Lil’ Scrappy to DTP Records as his successor. Aside from his final solo album, Luda also had plans of recording an album with Shawnna.

However, she would leave DTP Records right in the middle of their recording for the album. After being stuck by one of his closest friends, Ludacris took the album on as another solo record. The changes in the album led to it being pushed back until this year. The push-back of that album, Battle of the Sexes, led to his other album also being pushed back. His other album, a sequel to Theater of the Mind called Cineplex, was to be his final album.

Whatever passion that Ludacris was lacking on his 2006 and 2008 albums, he has regained with his upcoming record. It is obvious in his first single, “How Low,” that he is once again passionate about making music. On his previous two efforts, he fell out of love with making music. While he admitted that, Luda has also admitted that he has fallen back in love with making music on this latest disc.

Because Ludacris promised two albums in 2010, Ludacris will deliver two albums in 2010. The next album will still be Cineplex. However, his new passion in creating music will lead some people to believe that Ludacris may not be abandoning the game. Ludacris, himself, has put those retirement plans on hold.

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