Jay-Z co-signs Nicki Minaj

6 Feb

After years of obscurity, the female rap game is receiving a major boost. Many of the popular female rappers from the old days are coming back. But, there are also some new femcees out there. The top new female rapper out right now has to be Nicki Minaj. Her body has gained her a large male following and her association with Young Money has gained her willing listeners.

But, a lot of people doubt Nicki because of her body. There are plenty of critics that say that she will be successful just because of the way that she looks. Many times before, Nicki Minaj has stated that once people hear her rap, the focus will shift from her curves to her rhymes. The other members of the Young Money crew have stood behind her, but she has not received any support from other members of the hip hop community.

Because of his accomplishments in the game, people take Jay-Z’s opinion to heart. Everything that he touches turns to platinum. He was able to create success for not one label, but three in his own Roc Nation and Roc-A-Fella, and then he also helped to rebuild Def Jam. This has earned Jay a lot of respect in the game. Every rapper hopes to have the success that Jay-Z has had. One of his many nicknames is Michael Jordan of recordin’.

Recently, he spoke on Nicki Minaj and he feels that her look will bring her a lot of new fans who usually would not listen to hip hop. But, Jay-Z also believes that her lyrical ability will keep these fans. While Nicki Minaj has been met with many doubters, she has been accepted for her looks and her talents by one of the best to ever do it. Despite having Jay-Z in her corner, ultimately, it will be up to Nicki to let fans know about who she is, herself.

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