Is Slip-N-Slide Records in Trouble?

6 Feb

In the late 1990s, Slip-N-Slide Records was one of the many crews from the Dirty South to catch on. Led by Trick Daddy, the label secured a distribution deal with Atlantic Records. Starting in the year of 1997 and running until 2006, Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic enjoyed many hits. Despite their success, when they decided to introduce Rick Ross, they chose to work with Def Jam.

The final artist to record with Atlantic Records from Slip-N-Slide was Plies. In 2008, Trick Daddy would leave the label. He was the first artist signed to the label, but they were placing him behind Plies and Rick Ross. Convinced that he would receive better treatment elsewhere, Trick left the label for a new deal with Cash Money Records.

Rick Ross has risen to unexpected success with Def Jam. Because of this success, they moved him off of Slip-N-Slide and into his own label, Maybach Music Group. From 2006 until 2008, the label’s highest-selling act was Rick Ross and now he has left the label. They have tried to develop a few artists, but they end up leaving the label. In 2007, they began working with Brisco, but he would leave for Young Money.

Not only have they lost Trick Daddy and Rick Ross, but Slip-N-Slide is also on the verge of losing Plies. As it stands, he is the most popular artist on the label and they need him if they want to remain relevant. Because he was the flagship artist of Big Gates Records, it is possible that when they renegotiate with Atlantic, Slip-N-Slide will be left out. This is how Rick Ross ended up leaving the label.

The only other artist on Slip-N-Slide that is relevant is Trina and she may also be leaving, too. After she had a dispute with Atlantic Records, she brokered a deal of her own with EMI Music for her own label, DP Entertainment. For the time being, she is still signed to Slip-N-Slide, but she is probably halfway out of the door, too. With the way things are looking, Slip-N-Slide will be taken to the house.

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