Fabolous hopes for Ne-Yo reunion on “Loso’s Way 2”

6 Feb

Three years ago, Fabolous reached the peak of his career. He had been long-criticized for never living up to the hype. But, with his 2007 album, he did things just as he was supposed to do. The comparisons between Fabolous and Jay-Z were finally beginning to make sense. Fab began to rap with confidence and a smooth flow. Most importantly, he began straight rapping and leaving that F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S behind him.

To date, the most successful single that Fabolous ever released is his summer hit, “Make Me Better,” which features Ne-Yo. The song was such a success that it earned Fabolous his first on-stage performance at the BET Awards.  After his performance with Ne-Yo, Fabolous boasted that he and Ne-Yo were the new Jay-Z and R. Kelly. The most successful rapper-singer duo has been that of Jay-Z and R. Kelly.

As long as they have been in the game, Fabolous and Ne-Yo have been hailed as the future of the game. Because of the success of his album, many people expected Fabolous to release his next album the following year. But, Def Jam instead chose to market Kanye West and Jadakiss for the following year. With the focus on R&B at the label, as opposed to its rap music roots, the fifth studio album from Fabolous was placed on hold.

Fabolous would return in 2009 with his fifth album, Loso’s Way. The album was another solid release, but it was nowhere along the lines of his previous effort. One thing that the album lacked was another tag-team with Ne-Yo. After the success of “Make Me Better,” Fabolous promised that he and Ne-Yo would record together again. There were even rumors of a collaboration album between the two artists.

While Ne-Yo missed out on collaborating with Fabolous on Loso’s Way, he will be present for the next album from Fabolous. Later this year, the world will be introduced to Loso’s Way 2. This is the album that Fab has promised will be his classic release. The most success that ever came for Fabolous was with Ne-Yo on “Make Me Better.” But, because of the rising stock in newcomer, The-Dream, Fabolous worked with him and he missed.

For Loso’s Way 2, expect another collaboration to take place between Fabolous and Ne-Yo. As it stands, though, there is no release date for the album. It will be the third release from Fab in his deal with Def Jam.

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