Can Game take Knoc-Turn’ Al out?

6 Feb

There is not too much history between Game and Knoc-Turn’ Al. The position that Game currently holds was created for Knoc. Game is one of the biggest rappers in the world; meanwhile Knoc remains a local-level rapper from Long Beach. Eight years ago, he was supposed to have taken the rap game over, but he did not. Instead, three years later, Game did.

Obviously, this has made Knoc-Turn’ Al jealous. A world that was created for him is being inhabited by another rapper. There was a short period of time when both Game and Knoc were residents in the Aftermath house. Dr. Dre had tried to introduce Knoc-Turn’ Al to the hip hop world in January 2002. He scored a minor hit, but there was not enough interest to create an album to follow.

Willing to give him a second chance, Dr. Dre again helped him out in 2004. Knoc-Turn’ Al was able to release his debut album, but it was not on Aftermath. Had the album been a success, Dre would have gladly signed him, but he failed, twice. To avoid any further losses with Knoc, the focus shifted to Game. He had been on the label since 2002, but the emergence of 50 Cent put everything on hold.

The plan was to cross-promote G-Unit and Game by having them work together. Beautiful music was created, but Game and 50 Cent could not stand each other. It did not take long for the two rappers to begin a bitter feud. The feud always existed behind the scenes, but when 50 Cent took credit for doing most of Game’s album, Game took offense and dissed him. Using his power as the head of G-Unit, 50 Cent kicked him out of the group and off of the label.

After being ousted from G-Unit and later Aftermath, Game established himself outside of his hit-makers and remained a star. In October 2009, Game was reunited with Dr. Dre and they began working with each other on their new albums. Again, they began making beautiful music, which led to disses from 50 Cent. Now, with Game preparing to release his next album, Knoc-Turn’ Al has decided to speak on the feud.

Knoc-Turn’ Al went as far as to say that 50 Cent taught Game how to write hooks. With Game declaring himself the victor of the feud with 50, he does not need this type of press. The comments that Knoc made hurt Game’s pride, so he issued a challenge to Knoc. Unsurprisingly, he accepted it and the feud is on. Game told Knoc-Turn’ Al to record a diss record for him to respond to.

For years, Game has been hailed as the king of the West Coast, but he has never been challenged until now. In his feud with 50 Cent, they have only sent light jabs back and forth. The only exception is Game’s “300 Bars and Runnin,” but their feud has been mainly through interviews. This would be the first true lyrical feud for Game and his first major feud with another artist from the West Coast. Can Game successfully defend his title and take Knoc-Turn’ Al out.

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