Busta Rhymes is Packing Heat on “The Chemo”

6 Feb

Throughout his career, Busta Rhymes has been known for his strong lyrical ability. But, many say that he peaked following The Big Bang. The constant delays of his Back On My B.S. album caused a lot of the content to be distorted. Part of the problem with Busta getting that album out was his label situation. Once he was able to get that corrected, he was back in business.

Finally off of Interscope Records, Busta Rhymes has a solid deal with Universal Motown. They fully support anything that Busta wants to do. Given his accomplishments over the past fourteen years, they stand by him. At Interscope Records, Jimmy Iovine has a formula that he wants all of his artists to conform to. Because he is used to having creative freedom, Busta Rhymes often clashed with Iovine.

His first full album with Universal Records will be The Chemo. The state of hip hop has been in question for some time. Many rappers have come with albums that they promise to be the solution, but the critics remain. Busta Rhymes has gone as far as to say that hip hop is suffering from a bad case of cancer. To put an end to a cancer, Chemotherapy has to take place. While he is not a doctor, Busta Rhymes will be giving hip hop The Chemo.

For this album, Busta Rhymes is promising to push his creative envelope to new and unexpected heights. He is known for always being creative, but he said that this will even be odd for him. On top of providing some theatrics for the album, he is also promising that he has reached a new lyrical peak. Now that he has the creative freedom, Busta Rhymes is going to use it to his advantage to create what he is calling the best album in the past ten years.

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