50 Cent may diss Lil Wayne again

6 Feb

Once it became clear that Lil Wayne was the biggest rap act in the game, 50 Cent took a disliking to him. The fans that once cheered for him were now cheering for Wayne. No matter how hard 50 Cent tried, he could not win them back over. During the summer of 2007, 50 was confident and he dissed Lil Wayne. At the time, Wayne was promoting his gangsta image, so a response was expected.

But, with his Tha Carter III album on the way, Lil Wayne ignored the disses from 50 Cent and went on with his career. 50 Cent did not like this one bit, but he realized that he was going to have to jump on the Weezy bandwagon for a little while. 50 Cent did so and he even shook hands with Lil Wayne after calling him gay. He also did so knowing that Lil Wayne is a close friend to Ja Rule.

Before the end of 2008, 50 Cent began praising Lil Wayne. However, as the year was coming to a close, a record leaked from Wayne that challenged 50 Cent. It was titled “Louisianimal” and it took jabs at 50 Cent and his Vitamin Water deal. The content of the song proved that it was not a recently-recorded track. By listening to the song and Wayne’s rap patterns, it is obvious that the song was recorded in 2007.

There were some who assumed that 50 Cent would not respond because of when the song was recorded. But, because of his pride, 50 asked why Lil Wayne recorded the song. He felt that someone from Wayne’s crew leaked the song and he wanted answers. When no answers came, he began dissing Lil Wayne. No matter how hard he went at Wayne, he refused to respond to him. The only response that came was on a Pimp C tribute song where he vowed to never respond to 50 Cent.

When 2009 rolled around, 50 Cent was challenged by Rick Ross. Because he was expecting an easy victory over Ross, 50 was still baiting Lil Wayne. Once he realized that he was not going to receive a response from Wayne, 50 Cent focused his full attention on Rick Ross. But, he still wants to go at Lil Wayne. The current streak Lil Wayne is on is almost unbelievable. He has released two new albums in two months of each other.

Now that he is done with Rick Ross, 50 Cent is in need of a new battle. Lil Wayne has nothing to lose right now. Once he is out of prison, his buzz will be cooled off a bit and he may be angry enough to take 50 Cent’s bait. With Lil Wayne headed to prison, obviously, 50 Cent is going to say something. Every time that something happens with any rapper that 50 dislikes, he is always the first one to make a comment and a diss record.

Just to kick Lil Wayne while he is down, 50 Cent may diss him again.

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