Young Buck is just as Bad as Beanie Sigel

5 Feb

Last fall, Beanie Sigel made waves when he released a diss record aimed at Jay-Z. It came as a complete shock because he was discovered in the late 1990s by Jay. For most of his career, he recorded for Roc-A-Fella Records. Aside from Jay-Z, he was the most successful artist on the label. Jay-Z said it and he even agreed at one point that things had been made easy for him and every other artist on the label.

Long before the feud between Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z broke out, Young Buck revealed just how much he disliked 50 Cent. But, the hip hop media seemingly sided with Buck. 50 Cent met Buck when they were both trying to be signed to Cash Money Records. Already, 50 had his G-Unit group and they were in need of a third member. Tony Yayo, an original member of G-Unit, was serving time in prison, so Young Buck agreed to become the third act on the group.

After the release of 50 Cent’s mainstream debut album, G-Unit was expanded to become a full-fledged record label. While the label was nothing more than an avenue for 50 Cent to release his music, other stars were made. Because of the popularity of 50 Cent, all of the artists who released albums following him had platinum success. Following 50’s release was the G-Unit album, Lloyd Banks’ album, and Young Buck’s Straight Outta Cashville.

Of all of the albums that were released during this frame of time, Young Buck’s received the most critical success. Some were willing to argue that Young Buck was the best rapper in the crew, even better than 50 Cent. Unlike the other members of the group, excluding Game, Buck was the most enterprising. Young Buck was not happy just being another artist on 50 Cent’s imprint. He had ambitions of running his own label.

The only problem with that is that 50 Cent is a man with a lot of pride. He wanted Young Buck to be strictly G-Unit and anything that Buck did had to be G-Unit. This is where a problem emerged. After the failure of G-Unit South, a private feud broke out between Young Buck and his boss, 50 Cent. The feud did not become public until April 2008. When the feud did go public, most fans sided with Young Buck. But, when Beanie Sigel went against Jay-Z a year later, everyone spoke of how ungrateful he was.

Everything that Jay-Z did for Beanie Sigel is exactly what 50 Cent has done for every artist to ever sign to G-Unit Records. But, for some reason, it seems to be alright for one of his own crew members to go against him. It is true that 50 Cent has caused a lot of trouble during his time in the game, but he still does not deserve to be dissed by someone that he brought into the game. A lot of people will assume what they want to, but without 50 Cent, Young Buck would be a complete no name.

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