Knoc-Turn’ Al hits back at Game

5 Feb

Game has gone from making almost no news to being all over the news. He is still dealing with the allegations of impregnating Tila Tequila and he is barely beyond the rumors of dating his former rival, Ashanti. On top of all of that, he is also dealing with having Ray J diss his ex-girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, and Reggie Bush, on his new single. Now, he has problems from his side of the nation.

Before all of the rumors between Game, Ashanti, and Tila Tequila, he was confronted by a former associate. Many seem to forget that Game was not the first protégé of Dr. Dre from the West Coast, he was the first one to ever become successful. The first Dr. Dre protégé was the man best-known for hosting “Pimp my Ride,” Xzibit. After working with X, Dre moved on to Knoc-Turn’ Al, a Long Beach native.

When promotion had just begun for Knoc-Turn’ Al, Game was signed to Aftermath. Knoc was there at the beginning of Game’s career, so he knows his struggles. By the time Game had reached mainstream fame, Knoc was long gone. Now that Game has risen to become one of the most popular rappers in the game, Knoc cannot help but feel that this should be him. His feud with 50 Cent has become the centerpiece of his career and Knoc released some unknown information.

In response to the allegations by Knoc-Turn’ Al, Game hit back at Knoc, threatening physical violence. Because of his accomplishments and his connections, Game has friends in high places. Aside from his Dr. Dre connection, Game has strong relationships with Warren G, Xzibit, and Snoop Dogg. All of which are West Coast legends. This has not left Knoc-Turn’ Al afraid because he has been here much longer.

Back when Game was still on his grind in Compton, Knoc-Turn’ Al was being groomed for the position that Game would eventually hold. Since he was holding the position that Game is in now, Knoc has already had these connections. For years before Game even signed with Dr. Dre and Aftermath Entertainment, Knoc-Turn’ Al had connections with these same artists. While the relationship Game has with Snoop Dogg is strong, Knoc had been hailed as the second-coming of Snoop.

Because of all of this and the pride of his manhood, Knoc-Turn’ Al has issued a challenge to Game. He said that he is not afraid of Game and he is not taking their feud to Twitter. Knoc said that this is not high school, he, like Game, is a grown man, and he feels that they can go directly at each other and address each other.

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