Is Mims the new Fat Joe?

5 Feb

Despite his time in the game, Fat Joe has never had the respect of such rappers as Jay-Z and Nas. If there is one rapper that is following in these footsteps, it has to be Mims. He has already been labeled as the skinny version of Fat Joe by SOHH. There are a lot of parallels between the two rappers, who happen to be friends.

When Fat Joe first came into the game, he had a distinctive style and he entered the game with a major hit. Mims, much like Fat Joe, had a style all of his own, but also like Joey Crack, he tried to develop a more mainstream style in time for his second album. Also, when he changed things up, his album sales dropped drastically. Because of the fact that they follow trends, Fat Joe and Mims are able to stay relevant, but they are not well-respected.

The course of Fat Joe’s career has already been laid out, but there is enough time for Mims to break out of this course. As it currently stands, Mims is working on his third studio album and it could possibly be the best album ever. With that same token, it could end up being the worst album ever. However, a fair assessment would have his next album being another solid album, but not worthy of classic status.

Right now, in February 2010, at the rate that Mims is going he will be the next Fat Joe. In other words, Mims in 2010 is the equivalent to Fat Joe in 1996.

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