Drag-On is pumped about Upcoming Projects

5 Feb

For years, Drag-On was one of the most loyal members of the Ruff Ryders. As other members left for television projects and other labels, he remained. Now, after twelve years of being down with the crew, Drag is doing things for himself. Dating back to November, Drag-On has been working on the follow-up to his 2007 album, Hood Environment.

With this latest project, Drag-On has stepped out to release this album through a venture that he created. Frequently, Drag has stated that he will remain Ruff Ryders regardless, but he is no longer on the label. Following his last album, he created a record label, Hood Environment Entertainment, which has a deal set up with Universal. He still owes one more album to his former crew, which he will deliver in the future.

Because the Ruff Ryders’ crew has been moving in different directions, Swizz Beatz has taken on different projects. The most notable one is the new Jay-Z project. Swizz has been busy, but he will still be working with Drag-On on his latest album. Aside from the work on his own album, he has been working with Swizzy on the new Ruff Ryder album. Currently, there is no title for his own solo album, but he plans to release it in June.

However, the Ruff Ryders will be releasing their album, Ruff Ryders Evolution: Generation, later this year in July.

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