Lil Wayne to reinvent for “Tha Carter IV”

4 Feb

In only a few days, Lil Wayne will be headed from the executive suite at the offices of Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment. He is headed to the New York State Prison System. Back in 2007, he was arrested for guns and drugs after a concert in Harlem. Later in the year, he along with Busta Rhymes, Remy Ma, and Ja Rule were all in the same courtroom on charges. The only rap artist to actually beat their charges that day was Busta Rhymes.

Since he is going to prison, Lil Wayne will have to cut his trademark dreads. Dating back to his original Carter album, he has had these dreads. To go along with the new hairstyle, Wayne has also decided to retire his Styrofoam cup. Ever since his days with Fat Joe, making it rain, he has had the cup in his hand. This became his signature style later during the promotional run for his top-selling album, Tha Carter III.

The rapper has just come off of the release of his eighth studio album, Rebirth, and he has no plans of slowing down. Just because he is in prison does not mean that he cannot continue to make music. Lil Wayne does plan to film more videos off of the Rebirth album and to film videos off of his latest Carter album. These new videos may feature the trademark swagger from the Louisiana rapper, but he will exhibit a new style.

Rebirth was released on February 2, 2010, while Tha Carter IV will be released towards the end of this year.

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