Young Buck tries to bring Eminem into 50 Cent feud

3 Feb

For the first time since the beginning of their feud, both Young Buck and 50 Cent are firing shots at each other. Even other members of G-Unit have been taking shots at Young Buck. When the ball dropped and the New Year came in Buck began his active role in the feud once again. For the past month, Young Buck has been doing his part to take on 50 Cent.

In the past, 50 Cent has said that Young Buck should do something for himself in order to make himself relevant. Perhaps taking the advice of his primary rival, Young Buck has gone on tour and he decided to make a stop in Detroit. This city was instrumental in the early stages of 50 Cent’s career. Detroit is the home city of Eminem, who discovered 50 Cent.

During his performance, Young Buck addressed 50 Cent. He made it clear that he is no longer in the same crew with 50 Cent. Buck described himself as a “real Nigga” and he said that 50 is fake. The Nashville rapper acknowledged that he, along with some of the members in the audience were real. He would go on to describe his current contract with G-Unit Records.

Many people do feel that 50 Cent is wrong for forcing Young Buck to stay in his contract and not allowing him to release an album. Among those who think that he is wrong is Eminem, those were the words of Young Buck. He said that Eminem is starting to turn against 50 Cent. There have been rumors of a behind-the-scenes feud in the Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit camp dating back to 2005.

Whether any of this is true remains to be seen. Young Buck hopes to release his third album later this year.

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    Nice blog, anyway whats up?

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